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Citizen’s Climate Education

What makes Citizen’s Climate Lobby and their sister organization Citizen’s Climate Education our favorite non-profit organization working on Climate Action is their simple, market-focused, and bipartisan solution to decrease carbon emissions. CCL & CCE have a strong emphasis in their organization on working across the aisle to involve volunteers, staff members, and political officials from both the left and the right. The most effective solution to reduce carbon emissions is to put a price on carbon, and where better to direct this money, as to cause as little controversy as possible, than back into the hands of the American people in the form of a dividend payment. CCE was the other 501(c)(3) we chose to begin our mission with when donated our first $20,000 in 2021.

Organization Mission

To empower individuals to educate key stakeholders, policymakers, and the general public about effective solutions to climate change.

Climate Action Plan

Train and mobilize a powerful coalition of climate advocates and build political will for long-lasting climate solutions. Promotion of a revenue-neutral, carbon fee-and-dividend system.

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Marshall Saunders


Charity Navigator Score

100 Out Of 100

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