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Climate Action Non-Profits We Support

The Nature Conservancy

The most well-funded environmental non-profit organization in the United States is dedicated to fostering environmental stewardship everywhere it can.

Organization Mission

To conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends.

Climate Action Plan

Tackle climate change by deploying innovative solutions that maximize nature’s abilities to fight climate change while bolstering resilience for our most precious ecosystems and vulnerable communities. Project ourselves and our planet by conserving 650 million hectares of healthy land, 30 million hectares of freshwater, and 4 billion hectares of ocean. Foster innovations in technology, collaborate with communities to use resources more efficiently, and promote policies that enable sustainability. Let science guide our focus and equity guide our execution, to build better cities and shape a better 2030 for our planet.

Year Founded



Richard Pough


Charity Navigator Score

85.33 Out Of 100

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