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Eco-Cycle has instigated a significant reduction in the amount of waste created by the City of Boulder and helped to promote interest in the principles and viability of a circular economic model that eliminates waste.

Organization Mission

To innovate, implement, and advocate for local and global Zero Waste solutions to foster a more regenerative, equitable, and climate-resilient future.

Climate Action Plan

Provide business recycling collections to more than 800 Boulder County businesses. Work to create new recycling opportunities, such as CHaRM, or Center for Hard-to-Recycle Materials. Reinvest revenues back in Zero Waste programs. Provide educational programs to students in Boulder Valley and St. Train Valley classrooms. Provide educational services for the community, including a Boulder Country recycling hotline to answer recycling and waste reduction questions.

Year Founded



Everyday Residents With A Passionate Belief In Conserving Natural Resources


Charity Navigator Score

77 Out Of 100

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