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Regenerative Earth

Jennifer and the entire team at Regenerative Earth are dedicated to protecting and supporting lands and people to cultivate life for all future generations. Their various projects focus on engaging local populations to conserve, connect with, and cultivate life in key ecosystems around our increasingly endangered planet.

Organization Mission

To preserve biological diversity and indigenous wisdom in keystone ecosystems globally, as well as enable conditions where humans and the environment can thrive within.

Climate Action Plan

To enable inner and outer transformative system changes and put into place the necessary components needed for a thriving future for all life on the planet. Land stewardship projects ensure the future protection and regenerative local and indigenous stewardship of biologically significant land globally. Regenerative economy lab involves working with local and indigenous stakeholders to understand the systems dynamics of a region and identify solutions to address the challenges faced by the communities and environment. Living systems retreats and regenerative wisdom webinars provide opportunities for investors, donors, executives, and other leaders in their field to experience some of the most breathtaking and biologically significant places on earth.

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